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About the Art Factory

The Art Factory at Winthrop Arts is a one-of-a-kind after school art program for children, ages 5 - 18. We also offer daytime classes for home school students in our community. We are also thrilled to host daytime classes for senior citizens. At the Art Factory, we strive to provide a creative and fun environment for all to experience a diverse range of artistic expressions ranging from drawing and painting to woodworking and welding.

We have re-opened the Art Factory in a new building at 11267 Winthrop Main Street, Riverview, FL 33578. We hold classes during the day (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and every day after school between 2pm and 6pm. Our art classes provide an exciting and interactive environment for all children. We engage and inspire students through our various art classes including, painting, drawing, sculpture, fabrics and textiles, storytelling, mixed media - and much more! We hope you will join us in this incredible space and sign your kids up! For details about the daytime offerings, please see our home school page. Please check out FAQ page for more info! 

We are so proud of our new home! We have launched a Generosity campaign to raise the funds for our beautiful new building. Please check out our page and learn more of the history of our Art Factory - and consider contributing! Our future depends on you!

Join this art revolution today - and stand up for the arts in your community!

Art Factory kids drawing at the start of class in our former space. 

Art Factory kids drawing at the start of class in our former space. 


Come check out our Art Factory building at 11267 Winthrop Main Street in Riverview!