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Eligibility, Rules & Regulations


Artists, artisans, and vendors (except for food vendors) are required to use white 10'x10' tents. All tents must be in good condition. Festival participants must provide tie downs, weights (such as sandbags) and any other sturdy equipment necessary to stabilize tents, artwork and displays in windy or rainy weather. Festival management reserves the right to remove any displays that are unsightly or in poor condition.

Exhibited work must be consistent with the images submitted by the artist/artisan and must follow Festival guidelines. Reproductions are limited to one bin clearly marked and may not be hung on the walls. Prints made from the artist's original negative/digital file must be processed by the artist or under the artist's supervision. It is advised that photographers display only limited and numbered editions from each negative/digital file. Ceramic works must be handmade by the artist; no machine made work will be permitted. If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each must be signed. Paintings, graphics and photographs must bde appropriately framed or matted, and must be appropriately framed or matted, and must be displayed in a suitable portfolio or stand. Festival management reserves the right to remove any work from the exhibition.

Each festival participant is solely responsible for any and all sales tax related to the sale of any item, including but not limited to artwork, sold at the festival. Winthrop Arts is not responsible for tracking or overseeing the sales tax due from the profits of any items sold at the Festival.

If you are accepted in the Arts Festival, you will be a sponsored artist/artisan and must commit to participation. Based on your commitment, the Winthrop Arts Festival turns away other artists and artisans who would like to participate. In the event of a true emergency, please contact Festival Management.