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Our 2017 Winning Artists

We are so excited to announce our 2017 Winthrop Arts Festival winning artists! We were so impressed with the quality of the work this year and we were proud to award double the prize money of what we gave away in 2016. See below for our winners!

2017 Winthrop Arts Festival winning artists:


Jinsheng Song - $2,500 Awarded


Barbara Wiley - $750 Awarded


Diane Stover - $350 Awarded


Rachel Ratcliff - $150 Awarded


Ralph Lopez - $100 Awarded


We were also thrilled to award six Friends of Winthrop Arts Awards, all sponsored by different organizations. This Award granted $50 to Winthrop Arts and $75 to an artist of their choosing. See below for our six talented winners!

2017 Friends of Winthrop Arts Award Winners:

Lenny Cabanero-Harvey - Awarded by the Winthrop Arts' Board of Visionaries

Sam Evensen - Awarded by Osprey Observer

Angela Sulick - Awarded by Children’s Kastle

Seth Sullivan-Dawes - Awarded by A&A Alarm

Paul Sumberg - Awarded by Yellowfin Realty

Jan Herman - Awarded by CenterState Bank