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Weekly Fee Renewal for After School Classes

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Weekly Fee Renewal for After School Classes


Weekly Fee Renewal for After School Classes

from 55.00

If you are renewing your child in the after school art program, please indicate the number of weeks you would like to sign your child up for by scrolling through "number of weeks."  If you have more than one child in the program, please update the Quantity. When finished, click "add to cart."

*Please note: If your child has already participated in the Art Factory, we do not require a 4-week minimum or an additional Registration Fee. 

Number of Weeks:
Add To Cart

We typically have a four-week minimum to sign up for the Art Factory weekly program. This option is for students who have already gone through their four-week minimum and would like to add an additional week or for students who have received a waiver from Winthrop Arts, Inc to the four-week minimum rule.