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11267 Winthrop Main Street
Riverview, FL, 33578
United States


The People

Town Artist:                                          Executive Director: 
   Bryant Martinez                                                  Kathy Collins                


2017 - 2018 Board of Visionaries*:
Kay Sullivan, President
Doris Weatherford, Vice-President
Phyllis Guthman, Secretary
Bonnie Newett, Treasure
Katharine Sullivan-Dawes, Webmaster
Matthew Hamilton
Bryant Martinez
Dr. Roy Yanong

Advisory Board:
Travis Greisler
Vincent J. Kral
Dr. Earl Lennard
Debbi Martinez
Crisha Murray-Scolaro
Michael Newett
Samuel Ragland
Misha Shields
John Sullivan
Seth Sullivan-Dawes

*We call our Board of Directors, the Board of Visionaries.
We believe our Board is a distinct group of people with a unique vision for the future of arts in our area.