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11267 Winthrop Main Street
Riverview, FL, 33578
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Our Generous Contributors

We thank all our volunteers and contributors of the Art Factory. Your generosity has made this project possible and we couldn't be more grateful! 

We would like to thank the following for their generous contributions, either through grants, contributions, and/or in-kind donations: 

DeBartolo Family Foundation

The Home Depot

Rathmann Family Foundation

Mabel & Ellsworth Simmons Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Winthrop Charter School


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Generosity campaign thus far. It has made a huge difference!

Anonymous ($25)

Anonymous ($15)

Anonymous ($100)

Anonymous ($25)

Kendra Bator ($100)

Daniel J. Berkowitz ($100)

Ryan Bogner ($50)

Chrissa Bolin ($500)

Kathleen Carlson ($50)

Bob Dawes ($50)

Gail DeVolld ($25)

Mary & Chris Downing ($500)

Michael Parrish DuDell ($100)

FX Goby ($87)

Julianne Lovejoy Gonzalez ($75)

John D. Hardin ($50)

Scott Isabel ($100)

Lauren Kinsler ($50)

Nancy & Warren Kinsler ($250)

Debbie Logdson Kirkland ($25)

Anna Marquardt ($20)

Mary Mullin ($500)

Nationwide ($20)

Chrissy Nieves ($250)

Dean & Jessica Perry ($100)

Robin Rathmann-Noonan ($50)

Mishou Sanchez ($50)

Billie Smith ($100)

Nancee Sorenson ($500)

Seth Sullivan-Dawes ($25)

Stephanie L. Tripp ($50)

Beth Warshowsky ($20)

Alice Walsh ($100)

Jennifer R. Williamson ($50)

Dr. Roy Yanong ($100)